Danibelle's Lebanese Cuisine
101 oak hollow dr
Hudson oaks TX 76086


About Us

My recipes are authentic Lebanese dishes handed down from generation to generation. Many dishes on my menu today are cherished recipes served at my family's gatherings. As a child, I remember watching my grandmother and mother prepare unique dishes from our homeland and learning to cook alongside them! I continue that tradition at Danibelle's Lebanese Cuisine by sharing my family, my heritage, and my passion for food and cooking with you!

I love talking to my customers about how we prepare and serve our food! And I love sharing stories about how our recipes come from a history rich in Lebanese tradition. Recently, I was asked by a customer if I had to take one thing from my home what that will be, and of course, I said the spices! Without spices, there would be no taste in the food I cook!

I hope you enjoy every last morsel!

Until next time,

  • Dani, Owner & Chef Danibelle's Lebanese Cuisine / Est. 2008 "Food is My Passion!"

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